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he's new, don't scare him

out of all the world there I am

I guess, smiling in your face, acting dumb

because you’re the cutest guy with a brain


but with all the dials flicking in my head,

burning bright like firefly lamplight

ask for too much, too little, turn to ask for you

you just to be you

somehow been too hard to reach earlier

other guys, I suppose, whispers of them sounded like screams

he’s cute/ugly/handsome/horrible

other guys, the complete flipped up opposite of me,

we’re walking one on the floor

one on the ceiling, arms tearing,


other guys, I suppose, wrote up the prophecy of a gospel

[how the hell could I ever believe them]

believe in it, just be in the moment, those other guys –

other guys make me quell with sick,

but there is no such a thing as settling for him.

- Keeley Young

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