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originally labelled "Plays and Otherwise", this section has been rethemed because when am I putting a play here? Maybe I should put a play here. Well, too late now...

Open House: Monologues and Poems

Open House is a walking tour of the inside of a person's brain, as told through a series of monologues and poems. It's a deeply personal work for me, chronicling fears, discomforts, the things inside my head I wish would vacate it. And yet, however, you might never know just what is true, and what's all just the realtor's deception.


Know Yourself Better, So You Can Freak Out More

A Starter Pack for When You Suddenly Want to Date Again

Through three pieces of poetry and an extended piece of prose, watch me come untangled when I am forced to examine myself, my flaws, and why I consider myself a mess and a mess to date. Sincerest apologies if you walk away from this feeling like I have exposed my soul too loudly, but sometimes there is such a thrill in the quiet kid starting to scream. 

Image by Jackie Tan
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