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don't get too attached

don’t get too attached,

I scrawl on your bare skin late at night.

don’t start falling in love with me before you realise

I drive them all away.

I’m a psychopath.

don’t get too attached,

I hope you read between the lines.

I’ll always find your flaws, to justify a night alone, again

will you be a waste of my time?

I have tv shows to rewatch.

don’t get too attached,

yes, I’m a broken record won’t you shut me up?

find the stuck-together roll of duct tape and cover my lips

no, not in a kinky way, you’ll regret that.

I’m boringly vanilla.

don’t get too attached, silly,

people stop texting me eventually.

am I just an annoying foot-in-my-mouth loner?

I don’t abandon everything to service you.

I won’t lose who I am.

it’s funny.

being in therapy, you see which actions of yours are unhealthy

which actions are more positive for the future.

the idea of not getting too attached is something I’ve been working on

making sure I don’t linger, waiting for someone to reply to me.

don’t get too attached, silly,

yet it’s warning for someone else too.

I’m always so frightened of losing the interest of people.

I’d rather lose someone toxic than keep them

it would be nice to think time does not kill a connection

like you could pick right back up when it’s been a few months

and neither of you have spoken to one another.

but. I guess not, sometimes.

don’t get too attached.

we’re all so complicated.

                                                                                                                                                                     - Keeley Young

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